February 11, 2024

Our website development communication process

Over the years of working with designers and clients, I've found a communication process that has been really useful in allowing everyone to communicate website feedback effectively. 

Collecting feedback

I use the feedback tool Pastel to collect comments of live websites in one place. This is my favourite process to streamline communication—The developer (me) works on the comments with the Active status, sets them to In Progress for the designer to review, and then In Review for the client to approve. Once it's approved, it's set to Resolved.

You can use it to review your site on desktop, tablet and mobile.

The best part? Every time a comment is pinned, Pastel captures a screenshot so you know exactly what the other person is currently seeing, and you can refer back to it later.


Video walkthroughs

In late 2023 Loom has gotten increasingly powerful. Now harnessing the power of AI, it is able to automatically trim silences, filler words, populate a video title and provide a descriptive summary of the video, all within seconds of you hitting the Stop button. I use this tool multiple times a week to walk my clients through changes and technical explanations, as well as build up their documentation library. I do not know how to live without this tool, and I know it's been so helpful in educating my clients and building trust.

Live call

Nothing beats a good old video call to talk in real time and get those questions out of the way. I use Hello Bonsai's Calendly feature so clients can easily book calls with me whenever. The best part is it's all synced to my Google Calendar so nothing gets double-booked, and nothing gets missed.

I hope you've found this interesting, and if we have a project coming up together, you now know how we get things done!