February 7, 2024

Launching a website for an artist's TED Talk

One of my favourite projects from 2023? Designing and developing the Shopify website for a dear client of mine, the highly talented and passionate abstract artist, Erin Friedman!

*You might know Erin from her TED Talk and if not, I’m super excited to introduce you to t her today, because there’s a lot of inspiration and passion to be found in her work. 

Erin came to me with a tight timeline. Like, 3-weeks-from-the-time-of-the inquiry tight. But she was invited to give a TED Talk! So our goal was to design and develop a website that she could feel proud of. That showcased her art and was refined, classic and clean.

In 3 weeks. (Of course, we made it happen!)

I loved how Erin’s brief challenged me to break out of my go-to design mold (especially with the Minimog theme). I had to get creative without resorting to creating the custom sections I normally do. Sounds hard? I actually found this project to be effortless and such a joy to execute.

Erin’s incredible TED Talk titled “How Embracing Your Passion Can Transform Your Life is now online. In case you didn’t catch it, I’m sharing it here with you because I’ve found it so inspiring and encouraging, as an artist of a different sort. 

Her message ties perfectly into what I'm personally very passionate about—creating a lifestyle business that supports your family.

I could summarise it for you, but I don’t want to spoil it because Erin tells her captivating story so beautifully, and I think you should hear her story straight from her. 

If you’re on the path of crafting a life and business centred around your family and personal passion, I know you’ll love Erin’s message as much as I did. 

At the end of our project, Erin sent me these words about the experience! How sweet is she?!

“I had a specific vision for my website, and Jen not only listened attentively to my ideas but also skillfully translated them into reality. Her design sensibilities strike the perfect balance between being clean, modern, and timeless and she made the process of creating a custom site stress-free. I want to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to Jen for her outstanding work as a Shopify designer.”

I hope Erin’s words empower you to embrace your passion and share your work.

Have an inspired day!