Screen Cleansing Wipes for Computers, TVs, Cell Phones, & Laptops.

The Project

Design studio Luminous Lines Creative reached out to develop the beautiful web design for their client Well-Kept. The wanted the new site to look fun, fresh and easy to navigate. They also wanted to offer a more flexible way of shopping for different designs with a discount, and were looking to integrate a bundle builder to support this.

Web design by Luminous Lines Creative

The Results

Well-Kept now have a website that matches their bright packaging and social media. We absolutely love the pops of colours that tie in so well with their products. And customers are incentivised to use the new bundle builder to seamlessly create their own custom packages, all while enjoying the bundle discount.


Web Development
App Integration


  • We integrated a bundle builder that make shopping for the 12-pack fun and flexible
  • Playful and custom web development to make the website pop, very much like their product packaging