Comfortable, breathable bamboo bedding that is free from contaminants while using ethically-sourced and sustainable materials.

The Project

Visual director Sandra Chau reached out to revamp the website as she had worked with the founder of NakedLab, Joyce, to produce high-end photography and videography for the brand. We worked with Sandra to design and refine the existing website so that it was elevated to align with their stunning new visuals.

The Results

The website feels aligned with the incredible photography and videography, and the rich content of the website is organised and easy to absorb. In the 6 months since the launch, the client saw an increase in their sales and conversion rate.


Product Architecture
Web Design
Web Development
App Integration


  • Refreshed the site with new fonts
  • Organised the flow of content so that information flowed seamlessly
  • Customised the theme to look and feel on brand
  • Integrated a bundle builder