My Kids Made Me Buy It is a comprehensive resource for families to help make everyday decisions easier.

The Project

We helped Hello June Creative develop this standout website on Shopify, leveraging the power of its AI recommendations. The vision was to create an intuitive user experience that makes it easy to navigate through the thousands of products. We also helped the designer include lots of interactive elements that makes the site feel approachable and fun, yet still like a space for adults.

Brand and web design by Hello June Creative.

The Results

This is a one-of-a-kind website that everyone on the project feels so proud of, from the founder, to the designer and us. Many customers have left so many wonderful compliments of awe and are truly enjoying visiting this resource week after week. The founder is able to seamlessly manage the website on her own, add fresh content every week, and grow her newsletter since we've launched this stunner of website.


Product Architecture
Web Development
Custom Section Development


  • Custom handwriting and arrows that pop up when you scroll down its section
  • Custom animating background shapes that move and grow as you scroll down the page
  • Created a custom blog navigation panel that slides up on mobile
  • Added cute left and right navigation buttons on the product pages
  • Restructure the search results page to show most relevant products first, followed by related products, most relevant blog post and finally related blog posts